Top 5 Podcasts all Real Estate Investors Should Listen To


Top 5 Podcasts all Real Estate Investors Should Listen To

One of the most important aspects that all real estate investors and entrepreneurs should focus on is consistent improvement. One of the most surefire ways to guarantee consistent improvement is to be constantly learning new things.  Believe it or not, some of the most accessible and in-depth knowledge on real estate investing can be consumed via podcasts. While you may find it difficult to find time to read, the beauty of podcasts is that they are versatile. You can easily turn on a podcast during your morning commute, while you’re on the treadmill at the gym or when you’re simply relaxing on the couch. Next time you have some free time to kill, consider listening to one of the podcasts below:

1. Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast

            The “Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast” is hosted by Joe Fairless, who is a multifamily real estate investor based out of Cincinnati. This podcast is the longest running daily real estate investing podcast on I-tunes. Joe has done over 1000 episodes where he interviews real estate investors, moguls, and entrepreneurs all around the country. The podcast is organized into quick 20-30 minute episodes that are easily digestible and follow a familiar episode format. He has interviewed many prominent guests including Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki to name a few.

Recommended Episode: JF1112: He Attributes Having the Right Mindset & Character to His Success with Carlos Vaz

2.     BiggerPockets Podcast

The ”BiggerPockets” real estate investing podcast is one of the original podcasts on real estate investing. The podcast grew out of the very successful BiggerPockets real estate investing forums which just celebrated 1 million users.  Listeners can expect to hear hosts Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin interview successful real estate investors all over the globe and really dig deep into how they got started, where they are at now and what the future holds for them.  The episodes are anywhere from 45mins to 1 and a half hours on average and contain a plethora of topics related to REI.

Recommended Episode: BP 108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10x Rule with Grant Cardone

3.     The Real Dealz Podcast

The “Real Dealz” Podcast is another real estate investing podcast that does a great job of cutting out a lot of the fluff and getting right into the nitty-gritty. The podcast is hosted by Tucker Merrihew, who is a successful real estate developer and builder in the Portland and Lake Oswego markets in Oregon. The episodes range from interviews with other successful real estate investors nationwide to tutorials and information on REI topics provided by Tucker and the rest of his team. The Real Dealz Podcast has some great information about talking to sellers and direct mail marketing.

Recommended Podcast: Real Dealz 196 – 200 Deals a Year with Bryan Blankenship

4.     “How I Built This” Podcast

This podcast is the only one that is not directly related to real estate investing but rather entrepreneurship in general. The podcast is hosted by Guy Raz and is sponsored by NPR. The episodes are generally 40 minutes to an hour long and consist of Raz interviewing prominent business moguls about their entrepreneurial journey. It is packed with interesting stories of successes and failures, but most importantly provides words of wisdom and lessons that all entrepreneurs can learn from.  It’s refreshing to hear that many successful business owners started in a similar position and only after perseverance and tons of hard work, were they able to succeed. 

Recommended Episode: How I Built This – WeWork with Miguel McKelvey

5.     “Eventual Millionaire” Podcast

The “Eventual Millionaire” podcast is hosted by Jaime Masters who is an entrepreneur and business and success coach. Jaime has interviewed over 350 millionaires and billionaire on her show. The episodes focus on entrepreneurs from all over the world who have achieved success in all different types of businesses.  Each episode offers a specific takeaway or learning. During the episodes, she inquires about their entrepreneurial journey but also focuses on the tips, tricks, and strategies that allowed them to achieve success. She provides a great medium through which entrepreneurs can learn how start, grow and scale your business.

Recommended Episode: Take Control of Your Finances with Damion Lupo