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Top 5 Podcasts all Real Estate Investors Should Listen To

One of the most important aspects that all real estate investors and entrepreneurs should focus on is consistent improvement. One of the most surefire ways to guarantee consistent improvement is to be constantly learning new things.  Believe it or not, some of the most accessible and in-depth knowledge on real estate investing can be consumed via podcasts. While you may find it difficult to find time to read, the beauty of podcasts is that they are versatile. You can easily turn on a podcast during your morning commute, while you’re on the treadmill at the gym or when you’re simply relaxing on the couch. Next time you have some free time to kill, consider listening to one of the podcasts below:

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5 Tips for Performing Due Diligence on a Small Scale Investment Property

Regardless of how you got started, congratulations on taking the giant leap into becoming a real estate investor! However, its critical not to get too excited yet as you are about to embark on the most important part of buying an investment property; performing the due diligence.  Due diligence can be easily summed up as “doing your homework” on the property. During this process, you’ll want to investigate and inspect all the vital information that pertains to the property.

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Real Estate or the Stock Market? - 3 Things to Consider

In our recent blog article, we considered the differences between Active Vs. Passive real estate investing and how the strategies offered different options for investors. However, another question to ask; is investing in real estate better than investing in more traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

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