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Cap Rates on the Rise

For all of my fellow real estate investors out there, you have probably noticed the same frustrating trend that I have with properties being marketed over the last few years. Every day, properties have been offered to the market with incredibly low cap rates and no potential for upside except unpredictable, hypothetical appreciation. For the majority of these properties it is impossible to make the numbers work for anyone other than large institutional investors or UHNWI looking to park money. In March of this year, CBRE and other real estate advisory firms were predicting that in 2018 we would begin to see a rise in Cap Rates.

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Real Estate or the Stock Market? - 3 Things to Consider

In our recent blog article, we considered the differences between Active Vs. Passive real estate investing and how the strategies offered different options for investors. However, another question to ask; is investing in real estate better than investing in more traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

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